Copper Pan Re-tinning

With more people enjoying cooking, and wanting to use traditional methods, we are seeing a return to using tinned copper pans (some chefs wouldn’t use anything else).

We can give your copper pans a new lease of life, we regularly re-tin copperware that is well over 100 years old, and not for show, these things are used in the kitchen. We work for top restaurants and chefs, and home cooks. Please see our testimonial page for what our customers say about us.


We mostly re-tin copper cookware in the traditional way, wipe tinning molten pure tin, on occasion we are asked to re-tin cookware that has been soldered together, such as kettles, and tin plate items used in battle re-enactments, we have to electro tin these, as they would come to pieces when we apply the necessary heat.

To find out how much it will cost, for a round pan we use the inside diagonal dimension from the base to the lip of the pan, for rectangular or oval pans, we use an average of the 2 diagonal measurements, from the long and short sides.

We have a calculator below for round pans, so if you put the inside diameter and depth in mm, it will give you the tinning cost including VAT.


The Re-Tinning cost can be calculated by multiplying the diagonal dimension of the pan (in millimetres) from base to top as shown in the diagram below by £0.20inc VAT

retinning cost

If the pan is oval or square an average of the smallest and largest diagonal dimensions should be used, if there is any doubt please contact us.

Price for round flat lids, 15p mm of diameter, eg 200mm diameter x £0.15 = £30inc VAT.

Use our calculator to work out the estimated cost of your pan and submit your enquiry.

Alternatively you can view and download the copper pan order form here

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